Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The idea behind this blog is to provide a place where Loughborough designers (and others) can come to find out new, exciting stuff on the web - it was inspired by the approach that designers at DCA International use to keep up to date on interesting websites and design ideas. As the posts go by you might notice a subtle 'sustainability feel' to this site...

Here are my first suggestions (for which I can take no credit):

The boys from Apple went for a jog with the neighbours from Nike.

Ecodesign website for industrial designers

Ecodesign bloggers with plenty to say

An experimental hotel in Copenhagen where Illustrators have been let loose

A japanese guide to London...just beautiful interface and sound.

Design news type stuff

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Rachel Munday said...


Came across this site when I was searching for other Industrial Designers from Lubra.

Have found this site ( on my travels across the web, which although is not solely design, looks at mixing art installations in public spaces with sustainability.

(Someone just needs to give them a lesson in styling...)